Fatchul Mu’in

Spektrum pemikiran


Posted by fatchulfkip on October 12, 2008


By Fahrina Galuh Larasati


Presently, students of senior high school will confront the final test or usually called with “UAN”. To confront the final test we must do some preparing everything, likes preparing matter of school, study everyday, etc. But, many students not do that. They think they can success in final examination with study in the night before the day or

its usually called “SKS (Sistem Kebut Semalam”).

There are many way that you can do to confront the final examination :

v Prepare three or two month before final examination, like :

· Study anytime and anywhere

· Repeat your lesson at the home

· Everyday, must to make time for practise to answer the question.

v Join the college

v Make a study group, sometimes study with your friend can be a good motivation.

v If you have much money, you can summon private teacher.

If you can do one of points over, I bealive you can succes in final examination.


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